Creating Better Energy For Tomorrow

SunGrid’s team of qualified professionals focuses on lithium-ion battery applications, supported by decades of experience in the energy storage and solar power industries. Our renewable strategic solutions are cost-effective, and suitable for any project ranging from 10 MWh to 1 GWh.


Engineering, procurement integration, and construction services supporting your project from start to finish.

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Battery solutions for applications from 10 kWh to 100 MWh. Find the solution suitable for your energy storage needs.

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Tailored operations & maintenance solutions that guarantee quality and an efficient system performance over time.

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What We’re Up To

We have an expert team of professionals dedicated to battery solutions and solar power technology. Our team is constantly working hard to revolutionize the efficiency of our operations and develop solutions suitable for a growing range of application needs. At SunGrid, we engineer battery energy solutions that give our customers better energy for tomorrow and provide long-term operations & maintenance care to guarantee the quality assurance of our batteries.


Energy Storage Solutions

We use advanced lithium-ion batteries that are engineered to help your business contribute to the energy transition. Our team develops energy storage batteries with enhanced quality assurance and serviceability to guarantee that every project exceeds our client’s application requirements.

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Project Experience

Our EPiC team has decades of experience in the solar power and energy storage industries. As a result, we have an immense capability for high success that’s supported by our expertise in project applications ranging from 10 MWh to 1 GWh.

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On-Site Generation Solutions

We see onsite generation as a vital component in “taking control” of facility and grid energy needs. Our qualified professionals help clients step through every project stage with facilities that maintain successful standards, because our EPiC team want to ensure the right decision at the right time and that the process functions seamlessly. We offer our customers quality assurance, a high level of serviceability and additional follow-ups to guarantee their project are set-up for success and operating properly.

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Our Trusted Partners

We love to partner. The majority of SunGrid business is generated from repeat customers as a result of our top-notch service and the dependability of our advanced energy storage technology. Turning both suppliers and customers into partners is critical to the long-term success of SunGrid. Here are a few of our trusted partners: