Having access to a world-class supply chain makes a difference.

That’s why SunGrid Solutions recently held a summit in Orlando with our suppliers to foster relationships that will make battery energy storage system (BESS) projects more successful. Simply put, we’re making sure our customers get their projects completed the way they need them – on time, on budget and with lasting value.

“With President Joe Biden’s recent directive to increase tariffs on products from China related to energy storage, the supply chain network is more important than ever,” says SunGrid Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Tom Gallagher. “SunGrid will use our robust supplier network to maximize domestic content to reduce the tariff impacts for our customers. We know that the true strength of our energy infrastructure lies not solely with our resources, but in the resilience of our supply chain relationships.”

The Main Events

Over the two-day event, SunGrid and our suppliers discussed key facets that will ensure a positive and successful relationship. The teams held working sessions about SunGrid’s logistics, engineering and procurement processes. Leadership team members also shared an overview of insights into our business development direction and pipeline. Suppliers also gained an inside look at SunGrid’s vision and future state from CEO Jody Snodgrass, giving them a greater understanding of how our organizations can build longevity in our relationships and upcoming projects.

Group listening to man speak

SunGrid CEO Jody Snodgrass addresses attendees at the SunGrid Supplier Summit.

Supplier-SunGrid Team Building

What’s a networking event without a little fun? While together in Orlando, we took advantage of the opportunity for some fun team-building activities. We started out the conference with a sunset happy hour and rounded out the events with a golf tournament and cooking challenge.

people gather for happy hour

Summit attendees enjoy the Florida sunset and camaraderie at a happy hour event.

Summit attendees enjoy a friendly competition on the golf course.

people in conference room cooking

A group of summit attendees showed off their kitchen skills in a cooking lesson and competition.

Benefits of SunGrid’s Supply Chain

SunGrid has a goal to obtain a top-tier supply chain network. And the reasons are simple.

  1. Efficiency & Cost Control

    An optimized supply chain network ensures our projects have top-quality products with minimized delays. Ultimately, this reduces costs for our customers.

  2. Risk Management

    Diversified and well-established supply chain relationships help mitigate risks such as disruptions in the flow of materials or components, geopolitical instability, natural disasters, or sudden regulatory changes, ensuring business continuity for our customers.

  3. Customer Satisfaction

    A reliable and responsive supply chain network enables timely delivery of products and services, meeting customer demands and expectations.

  4. Innovation

    Collaborative partnerships within the supply chain network foster innovation, knowledge sharing and continuous improvement. By working closely with suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors, SunGrid leverages collective expertise to develop new products, processes and solutions.

SunGrid is proud to work hand-in-hand with our supply chain partners to deliver excellence and reliability to all of our BESS projects. Want to learn how SunGrid can make a difference in your project? Reach out to our team at sales@sungridsolutions.com.