Creating Better Energy For Tomorrow

SunGrid’s Operations and Maintenance services are here to help you keep up with your energy solutions, while simultaneously ensuring maximum asset value for the long term.  

Our dedicated O&M services team will work with you to simplify the management, and execution of the intricate variables associated with energy solution projects. 

SunGrid offers flexible, tailored Long Term Service Agreement O&M programs that retain system quality, performance, and ensure equipment warranties are maintained.  

These turnkey service capabilities include:  

  • Performance and availability structures  
  • Specific scope engagements (ranging from monitoring to field services)
  • Master Service Agreements (MSAs) for T&M services  
  • Commissioning services 

Protect Your Assets

SunGrid’s O&M program works to provide various in-house services to sustain your system, and provide long-lasting energy solutions you can rely on.


Experienced Technicians

Working with people from across North America allows technicians to quickly and efficiently mobilize to your location. Technicians can come to your aid with a vast array of experience within the energy solutions world.  

24/7 asset monitoring 

SunGrid offers dedicated 24/7 asset monitoring and technician dispatch, as well as integration into multiple SCADA systems.  

Quality Equipment 

At SunGrid, it is important to use the right tools for the right job. Our technicians are equipped with the best suited equipment, tools, and vehicles to attend to your assets safely and efficiently.  

Want to Know More?

Download our O&M Services brochure here to learn more about what SunGrid’s offers and how it can sustain your energy solutions for the long run. 

Download the brochure

Let’s Work Together

SunGrid is here to make to make your business more sustainable. Contact us to get started on securing the services required to sustain your system, and provide long-lasting energy solutions you can rely on.