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SunGrid is a team of highly qualified professional engineers with decades of combined experience in the solar power and energy storage industry. Since entering the energy storage market SunGrid has completed multiple Giga Watt Hours of projects, with many more underway.

What We’re Up To

SunGrid fundamentally believes the key achieving the lowest cost of reliable Energy Storage lies in value Engineering at the beginning of every project. SunGrid Engineers make educated well rounded decisions that take the best approach to commercial, industrial and utility scale integration. Visit our LinkedIn page to see what we are up to, our latest career opportunities and to stay in the know with all the latest Energy Storage news and information.


Renewable Energy Solutions

SunGrid focuses on enabling your renewable generation projects in “THE ENERGY REVOLUTION” for everything from 250kw to 20MW. Our team of seasoned experts that work through engineering, permitting, construction and financing in a way that enables projects to be successfully completed. SunGrid is here to fit alongside any gaps that may be needed to complete the puzzle.

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Energy Storage Solutions

SunGrid understands the difficulties of managing costly grid connections with single service providers (the utilities) and in partnership we allow the user from 250kw-15MW to take control of their bill and enable the “ENERGY REVOLUTION”. Make sure to remember that connecting to the grid can happen in creative and cost effective ways but they require project support from an expert team that has built projects.

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On-Site Generation Solutions

Similar to energy storage SunGrid sees onsite generation as a vital component to “the energy revolution” and a key enabler in “taking control” of facility and grid energy needs. We want to step through every stage of the project with facilities to ensure the right decision at the right time.

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Our Trusted Partners

We love to partner. The majority of SunGrid business is generated from repeat customers.
Turning both suppliers and customers into partners is critical to the long-term success of SunGrid. A few of our trusted partners: